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6 months ago

Configuring Post-Processing Effects for Your Amazon Sumerian Scene

Did you know you can configure post-processing effects for your Amazon Sumerian Scene?  In the post effects section of the inspector panel, you can add rendering effects like antialiasing and motion blur. Post effects are not compatible with VR mode.

To add post effects

  1. Open a scene in the Sumerian editor.
  2. Choose the root node in the Entities panel.
  3. Expand the Post effects section in the inspector panel
  4. Choose Add effects.
  5. Choose one or more effects, and then choose Add.
  6. Adjust the settings for each effect in the inspector panel.
  7. See how post effects affect rendering by clicking the post effects icon in the canvas toolbar to toggle them on and off.

Read the full article in the AWS Sumerian User Guide


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