Education, Training, and Simulations -- Such as virtual classrooms, training simulations, augmented/virtual museum experiences, digital twin for IoT monitoring, space exploration, and more.

Brand Engagement and Retail -- Such as advertising, digital signage, virtual concierge, virtual browsing real estate, virtual dressing rooms, and more.

Entertainment, Hospitality, and Media -- Such as game shows, virtual tour guides, mobile AR apps, avatar host, hospitality services, and more.

Other (new product/service, etc.) -- This category covers most other use cases, including the creation of new product or service incorporating aspects of immersive technology.



Representative Use Cases

Usages in education, healthcare, aging services, and real estate

  • Walking around ancient Rome
  • Sightseeing with a virtual host who can serve as a tour guide or docent
  • Touring a building or property or college campus before making a purchase decision
  • Explaining a complicated medical procedure to a patient
  • Exploring a location that cannot be easily visited

Usages in museums, retail, and manufacturing

  • A sign or marker which provides interesting historical information
  • Seeing what an outfit would look like on you while you are shopping
  • Obtaining performance data or repair instructions in real time on a motor
  • Seeing the pollution or pollen count around you when visiting Beijing

Usage in digital signage and 2D

  • Check-in and check-out facilitated by a host
  • Take your order at the drive-through of a restaurant
  • Provide directions and info on store hours, wait times, etc.
  • Cruise ship reminders of offshore activities or dinner reservations

Usage in training and emergency response

  • Training astronauts on Earth how to deal with situations in space
  • Emergency training simulators for oil spills or damaged nuclear facilities
  • Simulate how to practice a complicated surgery or medical operation
  • Firefighters simulations for how to deal with a rapidly growing wildfire