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IDE takes a lot of time to load stuff. Any chance of 1-3 days extension in deadline?

So, I started late. I had some great ideas and was developing one of them but the IDE talks a lot of time load up stuff and save. My submission won't be completed in time.
I guess the deadline won't be extended but worth trying.
However, Kudos to the AWS Sumerian team. Nice tool for experimenting with VR/AR and the tutorials on Youtube were also great. Watched 2 complete playlists ,got a good hang of Sumerian. Will eagerly wait for any future Sumerian Hackathons.


  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hi! Sorry :( We already extended it and this is the new (and final) deadline in about 90 minutes. I wish you were able to pull something together but definitely appreciate the kudos. I'll pass that on to the Sumerian team and we'll wait to see what you build next, too!


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