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Will supporting a single browser / VR device affect my score?

I would like to use video streaming from Amazon S3 in my solution, but the tutorial page states that it currently only works in Firefox. https://docs.sumerian.amazonaws.com/tutorials/create/beginner/s3-video/

If I go ahead with this feature will be my score be reduced because my solution wouldn't support Google Chrome?

Similarly, will my score be affected if I say my solution has only been tested on a specific device or will it be increased if I prove it works on multiple devices?

Will the judges test on the same VR device I have used to ensure a good experience?


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  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey! Great questions. For supported devices, as long as you are using devices or browsers that are currently supported you are all clear. There's a field on the submission form where you can enter your "Operational Instructions." Include in that field any specifics for testing, such as which devices or browsers it will run on.

    For judging points, there are a few criteria that could give you better scores if it's usable on multiple devices like Applicability & Impact and Technical Implementation. I would also add that you should be cautious of doing too many things at the expense of quality.

    Last question about testing on the devices. It is unlikely that each of the judges will have access to all devices and so it is likely that they will judge on the submission materials (video, images, text description, etc.) and the web version. However, the Sumerian team will do their best to test on any available hardware since they have more at their disposal.

    Can't wait to see what you build!


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